Your Life is a Movie


Field trip! We explored the Santa Barbara Natural History Museum - butterflies and dinosaurs. My favorite part is always the backyard, which is a thoughtfully designed river with rocks to climb and a naturalist’s house. At the time I’m thinking - oh I’ll take the camera! And then it becomes the story of and afternoon with Mabel and her dad, and really what happens when a butterfly chooses you.

This was my first exercise in being in the video - I don’t usually work with a tripod, I do hate them a little, so it can be hard to get myself on camera. I’m handholding the camera and chasing my daughter around, so it doesn’t always make the best footage.

The point is, home movies are interesting! We just need to make them so. I’m practicing, practicing but ready to venture out to do movies for other families! My idea is we can be whatever we want - it’s not perfect and neither are we, but it’s a memory. Experiencing something for the first time is magic. And what a lovely day we had!